August 29, 2008 IRCC Toy Run

Toy Run

Every year the Independent Riders for Children and Charities (IRCC) holds a Toy Run. A Toy Run is similar to a “poker run,” the difference being that you need to bring a new, unopened children’s toy along with the $10 entry fee for the event. At the end of the year the toys and money are distributed to local charities (chosen each year by the IRCC’s elected board of directors).

August 29, 2008 Toy Run
August 29, 2008

The Toy Run is unique as it’s one of the last “group rides” in the area. A group ride is when we ride together in one big herd, as opposed to the normal, modern poker runs where people go from stop to stop on their own, at their own speed. The IRCC Toy Runs welcome people to ride at their own speed (we encourage it, actually, if you’re not comfortable with a group ride), but most of us enjoy the feeling of togetherness that comes with a group ride.

It must be noted that riding in a group is NOT “riding in formation.” We do follow rules of the road, including hand signals, but we ride staggered. We post road guards at crossings where necessary, and we always have one or two chase vehicles in case of problems.

Each run goes roughly 100 miles or so and has about five stops. At the end there is a gathering for door prizes and setch.

Attendance at the Toy Runs vary, of course, from year to year, but we generally have a fantastic turnout. You do NOT need to be an IRCC member to attend a Toy Run, though you may certainly join whilst signing in for the run.

It should also be said that we generally have eight or ten automobile-type cars and trucks in each run – we’re NOT limited to motorcycles. We have cruisers, tourers, crotch-rockets, choppers, hot rods, cars, trucks… Whatever you care to drive, as long as you’re licensed and insured, we’re happy to have you!

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