IRCC donating toys to needy children

About Us

How did the Independent Riders for Children and Charities come about?
Well, Snowman has been running Independent Riders for Children since 1991 or thereabouts in Le Mars, IA, and Bobbo and Beeker had been running Riders for Charities in Sioux Center, IA for years and years. In 2007 they decided to merge their two groups into one. And that’s how the IRCC began.

How can I join?
Easy! Membership fees are a measly five bucks a year. Just get in touch with one of the guys on the CONTACT page and we’ll get you set up.

What do I get for joining?
A really good feeling, and the knowledge that your five bucks is going to a good cause. You also run the risk that you’ll have fun on one of our runs. You might even dance.

Do I have to join IRCC to participate in one of your fundraisers?
Oh gosh no! If you want to be in one of our runs, just show up and pay the entry fee.

Where does the money go?
Nearly all the money goes to local charities here in Northwest Iowa (we’ve donated toys to the Head Start program in Le Mars and money to the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence just to name a few). A very, very small percentage of the funds raised are retained to pay the cost of posters and such, but most everything goes straight to charity.

Helping out where we can, doing what's right, making an impact.