2009 Toy Run WestThe Independent Riders for Children and Charities (IRCC) is a limited liability corporation existing for the sole purpose of raising money for charities in Northwest Iowa. You're probably here to find out more information about one of the two annual fund raisers the IRCC hosts -- the Toy Run or the Leather & Lace Winter Dance.

The 2013 Toy Run was a fantastic success! We raised a bunch of cash and a passel of toys -- all of which was be donated last winter.

The last Leather & Lace Winter Dance added a bit of coin to our coffers in spite of the nasty weather that night -- the funds (along with the proceeds from the Toy Runs) were distributed to various charities in December so the toys get to the children's parents by Christmas.

We'd like to thank Z-98 in Sioux City for all their help in getting the word out about our program every year! Way, way, way cool! Thank you! We appreciate it. (And we appreciate the T-shirts, too!)

The 2010 Leather 'n Lace Dance

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